Wuhan more beautiful costumes Co., Ltd. is a collection product development design, production, marketing and integration of apparel companies. Is located in Wuhan City, East Lake Strait Exchange Center Center Park, the environment elegant, well-equipped. In the company of "integrity and life, practical work, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence" purposes, intentions of " Ya Deli ", "Mu Yan Ni" brand, making it a consumer favorite brand.

雅黛丽 - ALDOLA

The company has advanced production technology, well-equipped production lines. Now has a number of senior fashion designer, craftsmen and management professionals. Constantly research and development of household clothes, bras and other products, popular style, exquisite workmanship, stylish, noble, elegant and has the humanities and art realm, all products are in accordance with the national garment safety standards (Class B) implementation.

“雅黛丽”品牌内衣 全力打造自主品牌

At present, the company introduced the "Ya Deli" brand bra series, home service series, Lycra cotton series, body warm series, also introduced Ha Ri, Ha Han fashion style bra brand "Mu Yan Ni." Now established in the country and join franchise chain stores and more. With a mature brand marketing mode of operation and standard marketing network system. Companies in the health, the development of continuous improvement, and strive to build its own brand "Ya Da Li", "Mu Yan Ni." To first-class products, first-class prices, first-class service to meet the vast number of consumers.


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