Bussini BUSINE, from England's elegance. British Bussiness Yang Fu Group Holdings Limited is a production, design, development, sales management as one of the major production garment enterprises, the main production casual business men. Stephensons use natural and comfortable elements to match clothing with people and create a harmonious beauty of classics, pop, style and fashion. Bursonians pursue the beauty of elegance that really comes from the sedimentation. Simple but without losing the character, detail reflects the taste. Buccini BUSINE clothing workmanship is very particular, from the whole to every small detail to be perfect, from high-quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship and professional workmanship, all kinds of details are reflected bussini BUSINE casual men's infinite charm. BUSIN BUSINE company's products are very rich, ranging from West to West, from jacket to T-shirt, from the coat to the jacket, from the shirt to tie, from the bag to the shoes, Bu Si Xi Ni form a complete line of clothing . In 2004, Hangzhou Bussini Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded Bu Bussini a new chapter in the history of the development. Marking the success of the British Bussini Yang Fu Holdings Limited to enter the Chinese market. In a short period of 6 years, Bussini men's clothing is widely used in large cities throughout mainland China with nearly 300 marketing networks. We have been adhering to the "sincerity and trust, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, work diligently, so that "Bussini BUSINE" fashion business men in China 尽显 international brands of excellence!

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