"Breeze to, white dew, cold cicadas." "White dew" is one of the 24 solar terms, is a seasonal change reflecting the temperature changes in nature. Lu is the "white dew" after a unique natural phenomenon. As the weather turns cooler, the daytime sunshine is still hot. However, when the sun goes down, the temperature drops rapidly. When the water vapor in the nighttime air condenses into small droplets, it adheres to the leaves or petals and becomes white, especially after morning light , More white and flawless, thus "white dew" reputation. After entering the white dew, the coolness of the night is more obvious day by day. At night, close the window and put on a long sleeved garment to sleep. It is very necessary that the thin cotton be prepared on the bedside, otherwise it is easy to cause diarrhea caused by cold. "Autumn freeze" beneficial, anti-excessive "white autumn night, night and night," Chinese medicine has "white exposed, cold exposed", that is to say the weather is white, wear clothes can no longer naked It's As the weather turns cold rapidly, people naturally think of "Spring Covering Autumn," but "Autumn Frozen" should vary from person to person. For infants and young children who are growing and developing, the elderly and infirm who have poor body regulation function, and Weak body should not be "autumn freeze", in addition, bronchitis, asthma, coronary heart disease and other groups should not "autumn freeze", once caught a cold it is easy to relapse. And white exposed, pay attention to the foot warm, to prevent the invasion of cold. You shouted Ma Ma, do not overlook these simple changes in the weather, the water child 24 solar terms to remind you, quickly to the baby ready for autumn ~

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