Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry Takes a New Step in International Cooperation in Production, Teaching and Research The Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry actively accelerated the pace of strategic adjustment of the economic structure and vigorously carried out cooperation between production, teaching and research. Mac Porgusson (Lao Ma), a professor from Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, was invited to conduct a two-day inspection in the Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry and left Shishi yesterday. Before that, the company had reached cooperation intentions with Shishi Hongtai Dyeing and dyeing, which was the first time that Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry had established an international cooperation relationship between production, teaching and research, and it was also a major breakthrough in the cooperation of industry, research and development of Shishi printing and dyeing industry.

The Australian Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is an old university with a history of more than 100 years. It is the largest and most powerful institution of higher learning in the field of textile printing and dyeing. Professor Lama has more than 30 years of experience in printing, dyeing, research, and teaching. Countries such as Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and other textile printing and dyeing industries have a cooperative relationship with each other. After examining the state of production technology of the Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry, he said that the Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry still has a lot of room to improve the level of printing and dyeing technology, and it is entirely possible to participate in the competition in the international market. However, to master the initiative in the international market competition, the Shishi printing and dyeing industry still has some way to go. It is necessary to take the lead in adjusting the product structure, adopting advanced production methods, and integrating it with international advanced printing and dyeing technologies in order to quickly seize the international market opportunities.

At the same time, they paid close attention to the development of old lions in the lion printing and dyeing industry. Together with lions entrepreneurs and senior engineering personnel, they discussed the cooperation methods and procedures of production, teaching and research, the introduction of international advanced printing and dyeing technologies, and advanced management concepts. The two parties soon reached an agreement. consensus.

The reporter learned that after discussion and negotiation between the two parties, it was tentatively decided to introduce international advanced large-scale printing and dyeing technology at Shishi Hongtai Dyeing Company, retain the current pre-treatment and post-finishing equipment for printing and dyeing, and add some new dyeing equipment. The advanced dyeing process is suitable for cotton, cotton ammonia, polyester cotton, etc., which are mainly made of cotton fibers. Since the high-efficiency and high-fastness dyes used are also different from current conventional dyes, there is no need for cylinder dyeing and no wear, which will reduce many aids. Agent. Therefore, the quality of the fabric produced is much improved, and the process flow is more simplified than the current conventional process. According to the preliminary forecast, the new dyeing process will significantly reduce energy consumption, especially the water consumption can be reduced by more than 50%, directly reducing production costs, the overall benefit can be increased by more than 25%. For this purpose, the two parties will cooperate in the laboratory rectification and standardization in advance, and all production data will be tested in the laboratory to improve the success rate of one-time dyeing.

Domestic and foreign professional and efficient cooperation with the Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry cooperates with production, learning and research, starts with technological innovation, improves the technological content of the production process, adopts advanced energy-saving, emission reduction and consumption-reduction process routes, and reduces the cost at the end of production, at the other end of the product. When the added value is added and the two ends are increased by one, the company’s efficiency space is highlighted.

In recent years, the Shishi Printing and Dyeing Industry has unswervingly promoted institutional innovation and technological innovation, implemented innovation-driven development strategies, accelerated the transformation of economic development modes through the cooperation of production, education and research, and actively participated in the big vision and major actions of international competition to promote economic structure. Strategic adjustment, bold exploration of new ways of international cooperation between production, teaching and research, and adding new impetus to the promotion of scientific development.

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