Sunshine penetrates the calm sea, illuminating the sleeping coral reefs, gorgeous red, dazzling yellow, dark sea becomes gorgeous, sudden burst of intense color impact visual senses.


Different colors stitching leather and plaid casual pants with easy to create a handsome and elegant British style

Bai Hu Nu style fashion leisure, take the public route, a distinctive brand. To pure natural cotton, linen, wool, silk and other fabrics, fine workmanship, to cater to today's urban white-collar women's love and aesthetics, so that women wear Bai Hui slaves --- pick one, distinguished and elegant, comfortable, natural and stylish.

佰慧奴时尚女装  百里挑一、尊贵典雅

Fleece fabric windbreaker superior in fashion, simple style is more likely to show self-cultivation effect

"Comfortable work, beautiful life - EnjoyworkEnjoylife", Bai Hui slaves women have been constantly pursuing the trend of fashion advocacy, fully committed to the 21st century intellectual woman to create a perfect female luxury, elegance and noble temperament.

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Custom Metal Keychains

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