Small suit as a fashion focus, how can this season less it? Now small suit styles are more and more fashionable, wear more and more style, so a small suit with the crush who have become a compulsory Oh, how to suit with a small suit it? Let Ping Ye women teach you how to look good with.


Now small suit in addition to bright colors, solid color is more popular, the same plaid is also very popular with women love, this plaid short suits, plaid is unbeaten classic style, with a white-white big round neck vest to show professionalism Also prominent outstanding figure, lower body with bright pencil pants, but also a lot of fashion.

小西装怎么搭配好看 教你小西装怎么搭配裤装

This autumn we do not want to wear a solid color, we should have some of their own characteristics, others wear solid color bright suit, we will suit small suits, flowers embellishment, so this little suit is more full of vitality, like a youthful Color, the same with black and white within the ride is enough. (Source: Ping Ye Womens 2013 autumn new)

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