Living in a noisy city, intellectual you imagine that you are a elegant princess, imagine yourself as the world's most beautiful people, to experience the intellectual beauty to bring you a different change, sweeping away all the troubles, Make a real back, wear ayk brand women , do real urban women, to enjoy the happiness of knowledge to bring you it. Professional women can also take the style of fashion, you can also have their own little fresh, ayk brand women, let your workplace whipped the intellectual whirlwind set off a fashion trend.


A touch of beige, always give a person with a light feeling, which shows you in the workplace, you can also have a small fresh, pure color of the Department of Design, giving a soft romantic feeling, it is Kawaii, mature experience There is no lack of lovely atmosphere. Black shoes, is the color of the upgrade, dark line embellishment, there is a sense of beating, but the visual is still very harmonious, without unexpected feeling.

a.y.k品牌女装 还原都市女性知性美

Black lace design, filled with an urban wave, simple and generous in the lack of intellectual beauty, atmosphere and skill is the basic style. Appropriate black tights, is so self-cultivation, it seems more slender legs. Upper body black dotted with a little light, to avoid irregular color repeat, plus orange belt embellishment, making the overall feeling has improved, ayk brand of intellectual beauty to be able to play well and show.

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