In August 2014, the MIK&LA newsletter was frequently reported, adding another new member - MIK&LA Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Department Store building elegant opening!


In August 2014, MIK&LA was a frequent success story and added a new member – MIK&LA Mudanjiang Department Store!

MIK&LA, the city of sparkling snow, reveals the simplicity and elegance of European style, and interprets the space design style of art accumulation and fashion leaping!

The design of MIK&LA Mi Lala Women's Clothing is inspired by the persistence of the two girls for a sincere friendship. The brand design style pursues noble elegance. In the classic, it reshapes the contemporary artistic temperament, stands between elegance and comfort, and is unique in pursuit of excellence. Modern women with a comfortable life and elegant taste. The minimalist and able-bodied design incorporates femininity and beauty to express the confidence of upstart women.

Since 2008 , MIK&LA's franchised and direct-operated stores have so far spread across major cities throughout the country. For the modern woman who is confident, independent and has a high grade of pursuit, she creates an elegant image that blends taste and fashion perfectly.

During the opening period, enter the store with courtesy and surprises. After the new autumn goods are folded, give gifts. In the early autumn season when coolness strikes, come MIK&LA to warm your wardrobe.

Store Address: MIK&LA Counter, 3F Mudanjiang Department Store, 31 Taiping Road , Xi'an District, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province

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