Do you know what a cloak is? Cloak outfit is the design of the clothing into the shoulder into a cloak-like device, covering the profile of the shoulder, greatly enhance the grade of the atmosphere, it is particularly dignified and unique shape, especially eye-catching. Such exaggerated design naturally escape the eyes of fashionistas, they have long aimed at this tempting cake, has begun to set up such a cloak installed, give yourself a re-earn a different line this winter.


This powder is particularly sweet and soothing color, candy, attractive color is the sweet type of girl's favorite, large folding cloak is the latest attraction, the classic round neck design in the chest holiday double-breasted embellishment , There are cute bow belt design, the clothes into a high-end cape coat coat, in line with the requirements of many occasions dress Oh.


Romantic sweet pink to continue the interpretation of a woman's sweet and elegant, this coat has many bright spots, black buttons, cuffs horizontal bar design, shoulder cloak design and belt function, these small details tightly together, perfect To create a naive vitality workplace women's style, black stockings to the bottom, the slim figure immediately apparent.

Picture credit: France 1727 women's clothing

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